Australia and New Zealand Forge Ahead with China Relations

During a joint press conference by the Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand on Tuesday, the two nations emphasized the positive nature of their relationships with China, highlighting the strengthening of ties with their most significant trading partner.

Anthony Albanese and Chris Hipkins revealed that their meeting in Canberra, which was the first since Jacinda Ardern stepped down as Prime Minister in January, covered subjects such as climate change, security, migration, and the economy.

Albanese expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of the “fruitful” video conference between Trade Minister Farrell and his Chinese counterpart on Monday, which resulted in an agreement for Farrell to visit Beijing soon.

“Our stance towards China is unambiguous, we will collaborate where feasible, diverge when necessary, and act in accordance with our nation’s interests.”

“Exports to China account for more than the combined total of our three largest trading partners. It is crucial for Australia’s economic well-being to maintain strong relations and engage in trade with China.”

Minister Hipkins stated that China is a crucial ally for New Zealand, but acknowledged that there will be instances where they may differ in opinions and that New Zealand will continue to express their disagreements.

New Zealand has traditionally had a harmonious relationship with China, which has caused some criticism from its Western allies. They are part of the Five Eyes intelligence partnership with Australia, Britain, Canada, and the United States.

Minister Albanese added that further information about the AUKUS submarine agreement between the United States, Britain, and Australia will be revealed soon after Defense Minister Marles recently met with his counterpart in Washington. He expressed confidence in the positive progress of the AUKUS agreement.

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