Bring Your Family and Friends to Dubai with the New 90-Day Visit Visa

Travel enthusiasts in Dubai now have an opportunity to host their loved ones for three months with a visit visa, as per recent updates from travel agencies and local residents. In exchange for this visa, the host needs to pay a refundable deposit of Dh1,000.

KV, who works as a PRO for a Dubai-based firm, has already arranged this visa for two of his colleagues’ family members in the last month. He found the visa application process to be smooth, and he applied through the AMER center in Karama near the post office. However, he emphasized that immediate blood relatives such as parents or siblings are eligible for this visa.

A travel agency representative in the UAE recently confirmed that they are unable to apply for entry visas through their systems as part of the Advanced Visa System reforms. “As of now, only individuals can apply for these visas through the GDRFA website, app, or Amer typing center,” he said.

Meanwhile, one Dubai resident who recently applied for a 90-day visa for his mother said that the process was very easy, costing a total of Dh1,770. This included a Dh1,000 deposit and Dh770 for typing charges, service fees, and the visa application itself.

As part of the advanced visa services, a range of innovative entry permits was introduced, providing greater flexibility for those seeking to visit or stay in the UAE. These included a visa for job exploration, one for business purposes, a multi-entry tourist visa valid for up to five years, and visas for medical treatment, temporary work, and for studies and training.

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