China Grants Saudi Arabia Approved Destination Status, Bolstering Bilateral Tourism Ties

Riyadh, September 26, 2023 – In a historic move, China officially granted Saudi Arabia the much-coveted Approved Destination Status (ADS) on Tuesday, marking a significant milestone in the relationship between the two nations. The ADS designation opens the doors for Chinese citizens to embark on group tours to the enchanting Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, forging deeper connections and unveiling a world of opportunities within the vibrant tourism sector.

The momentous development was reported by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) and was celebrated with a formal signing ceremony held in Beijing. Key figures in attendance included the Saudi Ambassador to China, Abdulrahman bin Ahmed Al-Harbi, CEO of the Saudi Tourism Authority, Fahd Hamidaddin, and China’s Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism, Du Jiang.

The implications of this agreement extend far beyond mere travel facilitation, as it is poised to enhance the bonds between China and Saudi Arabia. The SPA emphasized that this collaboration aligns with China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, a transformative roadmap aimed at advancing substantial economic and social progress.

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Tourism, Ahmed Al-Khateeb, expressed the significance of this partnership, stating, “This historic collaboration between China and Saudi Arabia is unveiling limitless prospects and promoting a symbiotic alliance.”

The ADS status promises a substantial surge in inbound travel from China, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s goal of attracting 3 million Chinese tourists by 2030. It is the result of months of dedication and commitment from both nations, underscoring their enduring bilateral relations founded on shared aspirations and mutual interests.

China’s Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism, Du Jiang, emphasized the deep mutual appreciation for the rich and diverse cultures of both countries, showcasing their commitment to fostering mutual understanding and respect.

Fahd Hamidaddin, CEO of the Saudi Tourism Authority, outlined steps being taken to facilitate this burgeoning relationship. He noted, “We are actively working to expand aviation connectivity between China and Saudi Arabia. Additionally, we are streamlining our visa services, offering e-visas in under three minutes, and integrating Chinese payment solutions like UnionPay to ensure a seamless payment experience for Chinese travelers.”

With an impressive portfolio of over 162 tailor-made offerings catering to the Chinese market, the Saudi Tourism Authority eagerly anticipates deepening its collaboration with Chinese online travel agencies and companies. Together, they envisage a Saudi tourism sector ready to deliver extraordinary experiences, all underpinned by a commitment to excellence.

Saudi Arabia’s national carrier, Saudia, has also recently launched direct flights connecting Jeddah and Riyadh to Beijing, further enhancing the ease of travel between the two nations.

This historic agreement not only opens the door to enriching cultural exchanges but also signifies a strong commitment to economic growth and cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia in the years to come.

In my personal opinion, this collaboration between China and Saudi Arabia holds immense promise not only for their respective tourism industries but also for strengthening diplomatic and cultural ties. The mutual commitment to understanding and respect, as expressed by the officials, is a testament to the potential of international partnerships to foster global harmony and cooperation. The opening of Saudi Arabia’s doors to Chinese tourists not only promotes economic growth but also serves as a bridge for people-to-people exchanges, fostering cultural enrichment and intercultural understanding on a global scale.

Yuval Noah Harari

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