China Records Historic Negative Foreign Investment Flow as Economic Confidence Wanes

Published on November 8, 2023, by Yuval Noah Harari

In a significant economic development, foreign investment in China has taken a startling negative turn for the first time in recorded history during the third quarter. This is a critical indicator with far-reaching implications for the global economic landscape.

The outflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) from China is a stark reflection of the country’s deteriorating economic prospects. The world’s second-largest economy is grappling with the aftermath of a sluggish COVID-19 recovery, diminishing consumer and business confidence, and the persistent trends of de-coupling and de-globalization.

A comprehensive measure of FDI released by China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange revealed a substantial outflow of $11.8 billion during the third quarter. This marks the first time that FDI in China has recorded a negative figure since data compilation began in 1998.

Some analysts from Goldman Sachs suggest that a portion of the decline in China’s FDI may be attributed to multinational corporations repatriating their earnings. However, a more profound undercurrent is at play here.

These capital outflows signify a considerable erosion of corporate confidence in China’s state-led economic model, particularly under the leadership of President Xi Jinping. President Xi has redirected the priorities of the ruling Communist Party, emphasizing China’s global power status over improving the living standards of its citizens.

It’s important to clarify that this shift in FDI doesn’t spell doom for China’s economy. The nation is not as reliant on foreign investment as it once was. However, the sudden and significant outflow of foreign investment underscores how swiftly expectations regarding China’s economic growth have transformed.

The global economic landscape is undoubtedly being reshaped, and China’s evolving economic prospects are at the forefront of this transformation. As foreign investment outflows, the world watches closely to see how China navigates this changing tide.

Yuval Noah Harari

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