China-Russia Business Ties Strengthen as Guizhou Delegation Visits Moscow

A delegation of Chinese businesses from the province of Guizhou has gone to Russia to participate in a trade fair, demonstrating the growing relationship between the two nations after the COVID-19 pandemic. The delegation, consisting of 18 companies and commercial officers, arrived in Moscow on Saturday.

This trip represents the largest overseas trade delegation from Guizhou since the start of the pandemic. It also signifies the official restart of the journey for Guizhou’s foreign trade enterprises to look for business opportunities abroad, following the government’s encouragement of both state-owned and private Chinese companies to expand their reach globally after a pandemic-related slowdown.

A delegation from Guizhou, China, is taking part in a food, beverage, and food raw material exhibition in Moscow, Russia. The event will run until Friday and is a great opportunity for Guizhou’s tea exporters, Guizhou Super Biotechnology, to negotiate with clients and collect information, thereby increasing the chances of striking export deals. Guizhou is one of China’s poorest provinces, with a population of around 38 million, and the delegation’s visit is part of China’s effort to help public enterprises seek overseas orders.

China’s coastal economic powerhouses provinces, such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Guangdong, primarily target the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia for their exports. However, many companies are now turning towards Russia as well. The Russian market, with a population of 144 million, remains a viable destination for Chinese-made food products, medicine, and consumer goods, despite the economic sanctions imposed by the West due to the invasion of Ukraine.

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