China Set to Reduce Pollution as Solar and Wind Power Soars

In some good news for the environment, China is expected to produce the most pollution it ever will this year. Why? Well, it turns out they’ve been building a lot of wind and solar power, way more than before. A smart study by CarbonBrief says that this clean energy boost is finally going to be more than what people need.

For the past twenty years, China’s pollution levels have gone up a lot because they were making a ton of stuff and constructing like crazy. Even though they were adding more wind and solar power, it wasn’t enough to keep up with how much electricity everyone wanted. But now, that’s changing.

This year, the amount of clean power they’re making will be more than what people are asking for. This is because they’ve set records for putting up new wind and solar installations. Also, the rain is coming back to fill up hydropower sources that were low because of a long drought. All this is making it highly likely that next year, the old, polluting ways of making power will start going down.

Interestingly, there’s been a bit of a slowdown in construction lately. That actually helps because building stuff, especially things like cement, creates pollution. On top of that, more people are buying electric cars, so China won’t need as much gasoline soon.

The study suggests that if China keeps installing wind and solar power like they are now, the pollution from making electricity could keep going down a lot. This could happen even with some new coal plants being built, which are not very eco-friendly.

This news shows that China is really trying to make less pollution and use cleaner energy. It’s a good example for the rest of the world as we all try to figure out how to take care of our planet better.

Yuval Noah Harari

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