China’s Trade Twists: Surprising Import Growth, Export Woes, and Market Ripples

Published On: November 11, 2023, By: Yuval Noah Harari

Something unexpected happened. China’s imports went up by 3.0%. That’s a surprise because everyone thought they were going to go down. This is the first time in 11 months that imports have gone up instead of down.

But, here’s the flip side. China’s exports, the stuff they sell to other countries, went down faster than people thought – by 6.4%. So, even though they bought more things, they sold less.

And guess what? This news made the money market a bit shaky. The Chinese money, called the yuan, and the stocks in China fell. People are worried that China’s economic recovery might not be very strong.

Looking at the bigger picture, there are still some problems with China’s economy. Even though things are getting better, there are still risks. Factories in China made fewer things than expected in October, adding a bit of complexity to the situation.

So, why did imports go up? Well, it seems like people in China are buying more things. But, when it comes to selling things to other countries, like Christmas stuff and clothes, China didn’t do so well because not many people outside China wanted to buy them. On a brighter note, they did buy more oil and soybeans.

Trade with nearby countries in Southeast Asia went down a bit, but trade with Australia went up. Seems like things are getting better between China and Australia.

Now, people are wondering if the steps the government took to help the economy will keep working. Some big problems, like not enough jobs and people not feeling very confident about the future, could make it harder for the economy to get strong again.

And finally, China had less extra money from trade in October – about $56.53 billion. That’s less than in September and way less than what experts thought it would be.

As China deals with these unexpected changes in trade, the whole world is keeping an eye on what happens next.

Yuval Noah Harari

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