Christina Karam is Taking the Music World by Storm with Her Ancient Egyptian Tracks!

  • The “Egypt Deserves” campaign, spearheaded by Christina Karam, utilizes various musical genres such as Arabic, Spanish, English, and even ancient Egyptian to showcase the country’s beauty and entice visitors to explore its rich archaeological sites, historical treasures, and natural landscapes.

Karam, a prominent figure in the Egyptian music scene, aims to promote the nation’s tourism industry through her artistry.

Christina Karam’s initiative, named “Egypt Deserves,” employs the use of songs in Arabic, Spanish, English, and ancient Egyptian to help promote Egypt’s tourism industry.

Karam expressed her wish to sing in even more languages to reach a wider audience. Her objective is to showcase the greatness of Egyptian monuments and antiquities and highlight their worth.

She has gained support from tourism officials who sometimes assist in song production. With her academic background in tourism, Karam has developed a vast knowledge of history and antiquities, which has qualified her to be a part of the tourism promotion system in her country.

Karam has released songs that feature various Egyptian cities, such as Aswan and Hurghada, and she aspires to cover more. Her recent song, “Sweet and Authentic,” concentrates on Aswan’s landmarks. The lyrics of the song express the beauty of Aswan, the Nile Museum, and Abu Simbel.

Nasr Awad wrote the lyrics, Michael Ayad composed the music, and Ahmed Salama directed the clip, with distribution by Kero. Karam has performed numerous concerts, with the latest one held in the Roman Theater in Alexandria, as part of her efforts to promote tourism.

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