Editorial Guidelines

As representatives of china-economy.org, we uphold our ethical standards with pride. Our journalists maintain independence in all that we do, ensuring that the information we provide is obtained from credible sources and reported to our readers without any form of bias. We operate separately from the advertising sales side, and every piece of content we produce is done so in good faith. Our goal is to maintain accuracy, balance, and ethical practices.

To provide further clarity on our approach, we have established a set of editorial guidelines that we adhere to consistently. Familiarizing yourself with these principles will be helpful when communicating with us:

  1. Our editorial content cannot be influenced by financial incentives or benefits from third parties.
  2. We have designated ad spaces available for purchase, but our journalists do not engage in advertising sales or commercial negotiations. If you wish to be featured in our content, please contact our reporters and editors directly.
  3. Our editorial decisions are based on sound news judgment and we do not write stories to promote commercial clients or facilitate sales.
  4. We maintain our independence by not submitting stories for vetting and may verify information with sources at our discretion.
  5. Once a quote is given on the record during an interview, it cannot be altered after publication. If we make a mistake, we will openly correct it.
  6. We do not offer payment for information or exclusive stories.

General Manager
Editorial Guidelines