Expectation of Further Growth in the Chinese Economy in 2023 Praised by Turkish Experts

According to Turkish specialists, the Chinese economy is expected to experience further expansion in 2023 due to the Communist Party of China’s policies.

Selcuk Colakoglu, the director of the Turkish Center for Asia-Pacific Studies, stated that China’s economy has recently undergone a period of stable recovery, particularly after the COVID-19 control measures were optimized earlier this year.

He credits the growth to the significant number of people who traveled during the Spring Festival, resulting in a boost across various sectors, particularly transportation, and tourism.

Additionally, Colakoglu praised the Chinese government’s efforts to enhance factory productivity, make the country’s industry and supply chains more secure and resilient, and increase the number of qualified Chinese workers.

An academic from the Marmara University in Istanbul, Baris Doster, also concurred with Colakoglu’s views and stated that China will continue to drive the global economy through its correct policies and goals.

Despite the pandemic, China’s economy still grew by 3% in 2022 to a record high of 121 trillion yuan, with a 6.1 trillion yuan increment, equivalent to the economy of a medium-sized country.

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