Experience the Interactive Fun of Google’s Bubble Tea Doodle

The ongoing debate between tangy and fruity or sweet and milky flavors has sparked endless combinations in the world of bubble tea, also referred to as boba tea or pearl milk tea. To celebrate this beloved beverage, Google’s interactive Doodle showcases Taiwan’s Formosan Mountain Dog and a cast of recognizable Doodle characters.

The Doodle invites all to indulge in the sweet temptation and whip up a delicious cup of bubble tea. In 2020, the popularity of bubble tea reached new heights as it was officially recognized and announced as a new emoji.

bubble tea has taken the world by storm and continues to evolve, despite its roots in centuries-old Taiwanese tea culture. In the 1980s, the Taiwanese drink was revolutionized and has since become a global phenomenon, with the influx of Taiwanese immigrants spreading its popularity.

Today, bubble tea is known for its unique combination of flavors, including honeydew, matcha, raspberry, and mocha, all mixed with fruity jelly or tapioca balls. The evolution of bubble tea continues to challenge traditional tea culture, sparking debates among tea purists and enthusiasts.

Shops globally are continuously testing innovative flavors, ingredients, and blends. The iconic tearooms of Asia have embraced the popular boba trend, and it has now spread to countries including Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and beyond!

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