Hong Kong Exchange Fund Surges, Recovers US$14.22 Billion

Published on: November 17, 2023

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) recently threw a big party at the Hong Kong Palace Museum to mark its 30th birthday. The celebration brought together 300 top financial experts and kicked off the Global Financial Leaders Summit.

HKMA’s Journey: From Past to Present

Originally helping Hong Kong transition from being a British colony to a Chinese special administrative region, the HKMA has grown into a global leader in finance and technology. The celebration showed how the organization has changed and adapted over the years.

The HKMA is actively involved in the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), where they talk about important global issues like climate change, green finance, and cryptocurrencies. CEO Eddie Yue Wai-man highlighted the HKMA’s commitment to leading on the world stage.

Eddie Yue Wai-man, HKMA’s CEO, chaired the BIS meeting for governors from emerging markets. This not only shows that the HKMA knows its stuff but also puts Hong Kong on the map as a global financial center.

HKMA’s Money Moves: Going Green

In February, the HKMA issued HK$800 million (US$102 million) in tokenized green bonds. This supports Hong Kong’s goal of becoming a hub for virtual assets and sustainable finance. It’s the HKMA’s way of using money for positive change.

The HKMA is working on its own digital currency, the e-HKD. They successfully tested it for six months, allowing people to make online payments, purchases, and even trade on the internet. Hong Kong is also trying out digital currency from mainland China, the e-CNY.

The HKMA is teaming up with the Securities and Futures Commission to make new rules for virtual assets. This shows that the HKMA is thinking ahead about how to regulate new financial technologies.

Being part of the BIS lets the HKMA build closer ties with emerging economies like Brazil and India. This makes Hong Kong an even more important international financial hub.

Looking forward, CEO Eddie Yue sees the HKMA continuing to lead globally. From digital currencies to environmental issues, the HKMA is ready to tackle challenges and shape the future of finance. The 30th-anniversary celebration isn’t just a party; it’s a sign of the HKMA’s ongoing commitment to the world of finance.

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