Joe Biden Issues Strong Warning to China’s Xi Jinping

President Joe Biden warned the country in his State of the Union address that he will protect the US against Chinese threats to its sovereignty and directly mentioned President Xi Jinping.

Tensions between the US and China have risen due to new details about China’s expansive balloon surveillance program.

Biden said that the US seeks competition, not conflict, with China and that the country is in its strongest position in decades to compete and defend its interests due to investments in its alliances, military, and advanced technologies.

He stated that if China threatens the US’ sovereignty, the country will act to protect itself, referring to a recent instance when a US jet destroyed a balloon off the US east coast.

Biden also expressed that there’s no world leader who would switch places with Xi Jinping and criticized autocracies.

Despite primarily focusing on domestic issues, Biden’s speech came at a time of geopolitical turmoil as the US also confronts Russia. He pledged to stand with Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

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