National Margarita Day 2023

From February 18th to February 26th, two bars situated in Liverpool city center will participate in the inaugural “Margarita Week.” This weeklong event, created by Cazcabel, a leading tequila brand, will offer masterclasses, tastings, promotions, and collaborations throughout the UK to celebrate the iconic cocktail.

Cazcabel, which has been named the top-selling 100% agave tequila in the UK, is rapidly gaining worldwide recognition. It was designated as a “Master” in the 2021 Tequila & Mezcal Master Awards and is now available in numerous bars, restaurants, and stores across the globe.

Cazcabel is partnering with various establishments across the country this February to create exciting drinking experiences that feature the Margarita in all its different forms. In Liverpool, Butter, and PINS, two city center bars, are participating in the festivities.

Butter and PINS have become fixtures in Liverpool’s thriving hospitality scene. This week, Cazcabel will collaborate with both venues. The tequila brand will partner with several of the UK’s best cocktail bars, providing numerous classes and events intended to entertain and educate.

During these sessions, tequila experts will demonstrate the techniques and ingredients that can transform an average Margarita into a remarkable one. Guests will be taught about flavored syrups and complementary liqueurs before concocting their own Margarita recipe and taking a bottle of it home with them.

In addition to the masterclasses, bar groups such as STACK, Akito, and Head of Steam throughout the country will offer their own exclusive Margarita menus.

Since the late 1930s, the Margarita has increased in popularity, and an endless variety of new takes on this classic cocktail are still being developed today. The world’s top bartenders and chefs are still creating inventive renditions, with Michelin-star chef Adam Handling including the “24 Carrot Margarita” – a concoction made with carrot top butter-washed Cazcabel Reposado Tequila – in his recent cocktail book. In 2021, the Margarita was voted the world’s favorite cocktail, confirming its superstar status.

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