Ping An Bank Hong Kong Branch obtains insurance agency license

  • Ping An Insurance has made an announcement that the Hong Kong Insurance Authority has granted an insurance agency license to the Ping An Bank Hong Kong Branch.

Since its launch in November 2021, Ping An Bank Hong Kong Branch has been offering excellent financial services such as bank deposits, transfers, remittances, and currency exchanges. The branch has been focusing on enhancing customer experience and will also introduce pledged loans in the future to meet customers’ liquidity needs.

In December 2022, the branch introduced fund distribution services, covering equities, bonds, and hybrid financial products from renowned asset management firms like Barings, Amundi, and Morgan Stanley.

The branch also plans to offer currency funds and private equity funds to cater to high-net-worth customers’ growing appetite for diverse fund products.

The branch will continue to expand its insurance distribution business by introducing more insurance products, including premium financing services and policy loans, to meet customers’ insurance and financial needs.

To provide customers with the best experience, Ping An Bank Hong Kong Branch has been constantly improving its products and accelerating its digital transformation on push notifications, identity verification, operations, and online services.

The branch also offers convenient and real-time payment settlement services by connecting its payment channel to Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited’s Faster Payment System (FPS).

Additionally, the “Ping An Fast Payment Transfer” platform allows customers to transfer capital across borders in real time. The diversity of products, convenience of investing, and comprehensiveness of services are crucial for evaluating private wealth management services in this era of digital transformation.

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