Qantas and JetStar Offer Over One Million Discounted Seats

Qantas and Jetstar are currently offering discounted fares to Australians, with over one million seats available for purchase. This sale includes both domestic and international routes, spanning more than 170 destinations across the country. With one-way fares starting at just $39 on Jetstar and $99 on Qantas, it is an excellent opportunity for travelers to save money while planning their next trip. Business class fares are also available at competitive prices, starting from $499 on Qantas. These discounted fares are on average 30% lower than regular Qantas fares and up to 60% lower for Jetstar.

This is the ninth network-wide sale that Qantas and Jetstar have launched in the past six months, demonstrating their commitment to providing affordable travel options to Australians. The sale fares also come with the added convenience of checked baggage, complimentary food and beverages, free Wi-Fi, and seat selection. Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce hopes that this sale will encourage people to plan their next holiday or business trip with confidence.

In addition to the discounted fares, Qantas has added tens of thousands of international reward seats that can be booked using as few as 8,000 Qantas points. These reward seats are available until the end of 2023, allowing frequent flyers to save even more on their travel expenses. Joyce encourages customers with COVID credits, travel credits left over from the pandemic, to use them when booking their sale fares. These credits expire at the end of 2023, and a dedicated hotline has been established to assist customers with using their travel credit.

As Australians continue to prioritize travel, Qantas and Jetstar are doing their part to meet the increasing demand for affordable travel options. The sale fares cover a wide range of destinations, including capital cities and regional towns from Cairns to Canberra, as well as international routes. With this sale, travelers can plan their upcoming trips with ease, knowing that they are getting a great deal.

Overall, Qantas and Jetstar’s latest network-wide sale offers an excellent opportunity for Australians to save money on travel expenses. The sale covers over 170 routes across the country, as well as international destinations, and offers competitive fares for both economy and business class. Frequent flyers can also take advantage of the additional international reward seats, available until the end of 2023. With the added convenience of checked baggage, complimentary food and beverages, free Wi-Fi, and seat selection, this sale provides an excellent opportunity for Australians to plan their next trip with confidence.

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