The Last of Us Part 2 Mod Reskins Ellie as Bella Ramsey

As the release of HBO’s The Last of Us series approaches, fans have begun to envision Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie in the show, as the character in the video game sequel. Ramsey has previously stated that she feels a connection to the character, comparing her to a “skin” in a video game. Now, through the work of modders, she has become a skin in the game as well.

The mod for The Last of Us which replaces Ellie’s in-game character model with Bella Ramsey’s likeness was created by Alejandro Bielsa, also known as Vintage. Bielsa, who is currently working as a character technical artist on Playground Games’ Fable, explained that they were able to use a 3D sculpt of Bella Ramsey’s likeness to modify the neutral shape of Ellie’s face in the game. However, they noted that the mod is not perfect and that it works best when Ellie is in a neutral pose or when she’s emoting in a way that doesn’t reveal the issues with the model’s lips.

“We’re simply enthusiasts enjoying a pastime we adore, and we recognize it may appear odd at times, however, this was a modification created with attention and affection for both Naughty Dog (and the studios that assisted in the creation of the games) and Bella, so we decided to release it regardless,” they stated.

Bielsa has utilized its expertise to integrate Kratos and Atreus into the environment of The Last of Us. They found that the characters in Ragnarok and TLOU2 have similar UVs, which made it simple to transfer attributes and adapt the models. If you’ve been curious to see Kratos playing the guitar while Atreus watches, your wait is over. You can view the footage in the video linked below.

The upcoming HBO adaptation of the popular video game “The Last of Us” is set to encompass the entirety of the first game and will be premiering on January 15th/16th (depending on the viewer’s location). If the show is renewed, the creators have stated that the second game would need to be adapted over multiple seasons. Co-creator Craig Mazin stated that there is “more than a season of television” worth of story left to tell, but also mentioned that the show will not be “milked” for multiple seasons and that “every episode should deserve your eyeballs.”

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