Which countries have limits on Chinese travel abroad?

With the resumption of international travel, nations are enforcing new COVID-19 regulations on visitors from China. In response to increased incidents, Japan, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the USA have imposed stricter regulations for travelers from China.

According to Japan, travelers from China will need a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival, and those who test positive will have to spend a week in quarantine. Tokyo also intends to restrict the number of flights from carriers to China.

Malaysia implemented further tracking and monitoring procedures. Additionally, the Philippines is thinking of enforcing tests.

Increased controls are also being implemented by US government officials, who are voicing concerns about the “lack of clear data” coming from Beijing. All passengers two years old and older must have a negative test result no later than two days before departure from China, Hong Kong, or Macao starting on January 5.


For all travelers traveling from China, Italy has requested COVID-19 antigen swabs and viral sequencing through the EU, the health minister announced on Wednesday.

While France claims that tighter border controls are not essential, the mayor of Belgium has also called for COVID inspections to be reinstated for visitors arriving from China. On Thursday, an official EU decision is anticipated.

However, a government official stated on Thursday that the UK has no plans to resume COVID-19 testing for visitors. Australia is also not altering its policies toward welcoming visitors from China to the country.

Why are countries worried about visitors arriving from China?

China has recently been rapidly relaxing its harsh COVID regulations in response to public anger. Its health system is overloaded due to the sudden policy change and the virus’s virtually unchecked spread.

Three further COVID-related deaths were recorded in China, a nation of 1.4 billion people, on Tuesday, up from one on Monday. However, these figures don’t match what the funeral homes say or what other, far less populated nations have experienced since reopening.

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks in China and the lack of accurate data being reported from China have raised growing worries in the international community, US officials warned on Tuesday.

On December 26, tests at Milan’s main airport, Malpensa, began on travelers arriving from Beijing and Shanghai; the results showed that nearly one in two had the infection.

What are the regulations for foreigners entering China?

China announced on Monday that beginning on January 8, it will no longer require foreign travelers to undergo quarantine. The granting of visas for citizens to travel abroad will also resume.

It is a significant step toward reducing restrictions on its borders, which have been closed since 2020. The regulations have gradually loosened to encourage domestic and foreign travel in recent weeks.

On Wednesday, Hong Kong also said that most of the remaining COVID limitations would be lifted.

Internet searches for airfares out of China increased on Tuesday from deficient levels. However, locals and travel agents said it would still be months before things were back to somewhat normal because of the current climate of caution.

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