Xi Jinping Embraces Self-Reliance, Rejects Westernization

President Xi Jinping of China recently stated that China’s successful development demonstrates that there is another way to modernize and that there is no need to westernize.

Xi emphasized that China must work towards creating a more efficient path to modernization than capitalism, placing innovation in a prominent role in national development and balancing efficiency and equity.

He maintained that the key to achieving these goals lies in sticking to the leadership of the Communist Party and that this will determine the ultimate success or failure of China’s development.

Xi’s statements emphasize his commitment to self-sufficiency in crucial technologies, particularly amidst increasing attempts by the United States to restrict China’s expansion. He also stressed his determination to address the unequal distribution of wealth as part of the pursuit of shared prosperity.

During his presentation to the October congress of the Party, Xi outlined that the modernization of China encompasses five aspects, including shared wealth, balanced coexistence between humanity and the environment, and peaceful progress.

The speech given by Xi was attended by all members of the Politburo, the leadership of the military, new Central Committee members, provincial leaders, and ministers. China’s government is preparing for the annual parliamentary meeting that starts in a month, where they will present their plans for returning the economy to growth after the disruption of last year.

Despite signs of a pickup in economic activity in China, the economic recovery remains fragile, as the property market continues to slump, exports are falling, and the strength and sustainability of the improvement in consumption are uncertain.

Xi emphasized the need for an overall improvement in economic activity this year and for better coordination of Covid prevention and control, economic and social development, and development and security.

Nevertheless, Premier Li Keqiang cautioned against various dangers, obstacles, and ambiguities affecting the economy. He emphasized that the demand remains inadequate and small businesses, particularly in the consumer service sector, continue to encounter hardships.

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