Yellen’s Optimism: U.S.-China Talks Signal Improved Economic Ties

Published Date: November 12, 2023, By: Yuval Noah Harari

In a significant development, the United States and China have initiated efforts to strengthen their diplomatic ties, as confirmed by Janet Yellen, the key figure in U.S. financial matters. Yellen shared her optimism following a meeting with top Chinese leader He Lifeng in San Francisco, emphasizing the importance of maintaining robust economic relations between the two nations.

“We don’t want to cut ties with China. That would be bad for both the US and China, and it could cause problems for the whole world,” stated Yellen, highlighting the global implications of their relationship.

The discussions set the stage for a pivotal meeting between the leaders of the two economic giants scheduled for next week. Yellen expressed satisfaction with the progress made during her talks with Vice Premier He, noting their commitment to fostering fair and mutually beneficial economic relations.

“Both China and the United States want to have fair and good economic relations. That’s our main goal,” asserted Yellen.

The recent thaw in relations follows a period of tension, marked by disputes over trade policies, concerns about China’s influence in Asia, particularly regarding Taiwan, and Chinese support for Russia during the conflict in Ukraine.

“After several months of talking, things are getting better between the world’s biggest economies,” said Yellen, acknowledging the challenges that have strained relations in the past.

However, hurdles remain on the path to reconciliation. Yellen addressed concerns about China providing military equipment to Russia, signaling that the U.S. may take action if Chinese companies continue such transactions without appropriate measures.

“Even though we want to talk more, the US might take action if Chinese companies keep sending military things to Russia, and China doesn’t do anything about it,” cautioned Yellen.

The U.S. Treasury Secretary expressed worry about the violation of established rules, expressing concerns that critical military equipment may still be reaching Russia.

“We are worried that, despite the rules we made, important equipment for Russia’s military is still reaching them,” said Yellen.

As the world eagerly anticipates the forthcoming leaders’ meeting between the U.S. and China, questions loom over the feasibility of the two nations evolving into closer allies. Will this diplomatic endeavor yield lasting cooperation, or will persistent challenges hinder progress on the road to collaboration? Only time will unveil the fate of this critical international relationship.

Yuval Noah Harari

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