Zero Covid Policy Leads to Job Loss Crisis for China’s Migrant Workers

China’s decision to lift its Zero Covid policy has had a negative impact on migrant workers, who are now struggling to find new jobs, according to a report by Voice Against Autocracy.

The stringent regulations of the policy led to a negative effect on the country’s economy and workers who relied on daily wages.

The situation has been compounded by the Foxconn disaster last year, which caused a deterioration in the conditions for migrant workers.

The current state of affairs has raised concerns that China may lose its position as the world’s manufacturing hub, with bigger countries potentially looking elsewhere for options, such as Vietnam and India.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the demographic crisis in China is expected to have a serious effect on the country’s economy, including all major sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, and services.

The sudden end of the ‘Zero Covid’ policy has caused a rise in Covid cases and slowed business activities, with over 40% of the workforce, including top officials, being affected by the virus.

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